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Dello Russo

Dello Russo

Have You Read Unfavorable Information on LASIK Online?

“And if you would like to share your unfortunate Lasik result with this site feel free to contact us”.

One of the most popular topics on the internet is Lasik. In fact Google contains more than 17 million pages on this subject. The overwhelming number of sites and postings are honest, truthful, useful, up to date with the sole purpose of educating the public interested in this ever safer and ever improving technology. They define what Lasik is and describe the benefits and risks. They provide useful information.

We have all become familiar in the use of the net to search for information. The web has also been an excellent source of information for those considering Lasik. And in general, the web fulfills this purpose and could continue to do so if it were not for a few spoilers who have their own personal agendas in bashing Lasik and surgeons."

There is a natural tendency to believe all that we read in newspapers and NOW what we read online, but one cannot and should not believe all that appears on the net since there are some bogus websites who have abused the web by posting falsehoods about Lasik and other subjects. In many cases, these postings actually perform as cheap advertisements for lawyers soliciting clients. Those who are familiar with the internet know that such negative sites do exist, for example - mitsubishisucks.com.

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Dello Russo We are all familiar with lawyers’ ads on radio, TV and newspapers that offer their services if we have been injured. This is an example of expensive types of advertisements. Now lawyers have found a very cheap, effective and dishonest way to advertise by highlighting Lasik complications as a method to recruit clients.

There are about a half dozen of those lawyers which look for clients by describing complications of others and then inviting readers to share their own bad experience with other visitors to their site. This is the only purpose of these sites and they are cheap to build and maintain.

Eventually one page on these sites contains an invitation to “share your bad Lasik experience with us'. When you fill out their contact form, you reveal your contact information and the lawyer will then contact you and make his pitch (the lawyer will take about 40% of any settlement). So, these sites are not meant to help you to make informed decisions, but are aimed at those who have already had Lasik and may not be totally happy, a number that is decreasing as Lasik becomes progressively safer.

While really helpful sites will describe Lasik and then discuss benefits and risks, a 100% of the dishonest sites present you only with endless ramblings from people, mostly fictional, who describe themselves as victims of dangerous Lasik procedures. Does that make sense? Nothing is completely bad or you would not know so many people who are happy with their Lasik surgery and you would not be seeking it yourself. You can recognize the negative sites as dishonest, only serving the personal agenda of someone who wants to make money from you. It’s all about them making money. Remember that if a lawyer has no clients, he has no income.

The most common negatives site will pretend that it was created by someone who was supposedly injured by Lasik and out of the goodness of his/her heart wishes to warn others against Lasik and specific Lasik surgeons, “and please write and tell us your experience and how to contact you.”

Dello Russo Anyone can post any falsehood on the Internet despite it’s lack of honesty. They are in theory protected by freedom of speech, but for those seeking information on Lasik they are full of misinformation. There is no monitoring system to screen out the misinformation from the truth. Therefore the public is harmed by being exposed to dishonesty and misinformation.

In fact, at least one of these sites (lasikinfocenter.net) even list specific surgeons in the country who are supposed to be involved in fictitious lawsuits. We have interviewed each of these surgeons and have found out that since they are high-volume successful Lasik surgeons in their region, they have been plagued by lawyers who have gone after them individually with ad campaigns such as "if you have had a bad Lasik result with Dr. Smith, contact us and we will make sure that you get the money you deserve". You can imagine that if a lawyer runs such ads in papers, internet and radio against a particular successful surgeon he will attract at least some vulnerable people who may be somewhat unhappy and may need the money that is promised implicitly in the ad.

It's actually amazing how few such people will be attracted by these ads. Let's say a very successful surgeon has performed fifty thousand Lasiks, and these ads only attract a dozen people to respond. That small number is in fact a testament to how good that surgeon must be.

For any doctor who has performed thousands of Lasik procedures, there are to be at least a few unhappy cases. We were surprised to see how few. Out of these unhappy people, the surgeons told us, most cases listed on the site do not exist or were tossed out of court.

It is difficult to take these dishonest sites down. For instance, an eye surgeon in Texas had spent two years and half million dollars to put one of these websites out of business. How many surgeons are willing and can afford to do it? Not many. Most decide it is up to the reader to use his common sense. Nothing can be so bad if there are millions of people who are happy with the results of their Lasik procedure.

Dello Russo If you become alarmed after reading scary stories on Lasik, you are advised go to an experienced surgeon and reveal your concerns. Most doctors offer free consultations, and they can be a great source of information. Remember that Lasik has come a long way since it became available in 1990. No lawyer will tell you that. It has evolved into such a safe surgery that new studies show it is safer than prolonged wear of contact lenses. For more information, Google "Lasik surpasses contact lenses in overall safety".

LasikTruth.org was founded by a group of prominent laser eye surgeons, and includes social activists and freelance reporters who decided to find out and educate the public on the true stories behind the LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery industry. We answer the questions about dishonesty in Lasik in plain speech. No holds barred. We hope that we will be able to balance the negative image that these sites create, for the sake of people who suffer from bad eyesight and are tricked to stay away from effective solutions. We’ll be here working to help you.

The following list of website will provide you with accurate, unbiased information on Laser Eye Correction procedures. We encourage you to read about the advantages and possible complications of LASIK before making an informed choice:

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